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Giga-fren Should this be the case, the following points will have to be addressed: The discharge of tanker ballast into on-shore tanks for storage and treatment will reduce all risks associated with ballast water to insignificant levels. Suspended sediments and sediment deposition: Giga-fren Residual Impacts Residual impacts are those that remain following the application of mitigation.

None of the effects of suspended sediments and the associated impacts which may be caused by the remobilisation of contaminants are considered to be significant environmental impacts and no specific actions are considered necessary as mitigation. As a result, they are potential death traps for the students or evacuees within them.

Protection of libraries, monuments, historic buildings, works of art, and other cultural resources should be incorporated into mitigation planning and action.

The assessment of overall impact significance provides an indication of the extent to which the impacts either could have "no-go" implications for certain aspects of the project or will need to be countered by appropriate mitigation. Impact mitigation The current low level of soil and groundwater contamination beneath the SFF oil storage installation does not require specific mitigation actions to be effected.

Once the exact date of each loss is determined, what we would do next is to simulate the default date, after which the operational loss events would have no recovery any more.

If a long term equilibrium state is not achieved, this action may have to be repeated from time to time. A national training program, supported by the federal government and fully integrated with the preparedness training proposed here, should be developed for this purpose.

Factors that contribute to the accuracy, comprehensiveness and usefulness of an EcIA range from adequate baseline data collection to effective report writing skills, and ensure that biodiversity im- pacts from a proposed development are minimised.

Ecological mitigation measures in English Environmental Impact Assessment

Hospitals and other health care facilities minister to the sick and injured and are the locus of the medical technology and expertise that are essential in a disaster. The benefits are based simply on the satisfaction people get from knowing that an amenity is there and that it can be enjoyed in the future to the same extent as it could in the past.

An aggressive invasion by the mussel Musculista senhousia, for example which could be introduced through ballast watercould modify the natural population structure of a system such as Langebaan Lagoon. Transferable solutions need to be closely examined.

Incorporation of mitigation into new development. Implementation uncertainty can also arise from a lack of infor- mation on how measures could be implemented and managed Treweek et al. Ballast water discharged by oil tankers may be contaminated with residual hydrocarbons and in the case of all bulk cargo carriers, the ballast water may contain trace metals, foreign planktonic organisms and viable dinoflagellate cysts ballast water quality relates more to loading origin than type of vessel.

High winds can cause substantial property damage and economic loss. In addition to the capital costs of replacing this infrastructure, oiling could result in the loss of up to three year's income to the industry.

Page 23 Share Cite Suggested Citation: Coastline between Paternosterpunt and Lambert's Bay Most of the coastline within and north of St Helena Bay is composed of sandy beaches and the impact of shoreline oiling is unlikely to have serious environmental consequences; this is due to the comparatively few organisms that would be affected.

Giga-fren Positive residual impact None required No residual impact Giga-fren Determining the significance of the residual impact to either the ecosystem or the social receiving environment reference Appendix 8B ; Ascertain the potential of the residual impact to accumulate in the environment reference Appendix 8B Selecting those of significance and with the potential to accumulate for cumulative effects analysis see 8.

The oil transfer pipelines associated with the SFF installation have been in use for more than 10 years and their structural integrity should be evaluated. Spilled oil could affect the following habitats and associated biota and, in the case of large oil spills which cannot be effectively contained, could result in impacts of high significance and high residual intensity, even with the implementation of mitigation measures: Better understanding of the conditions that generate landslides would significantly improve hazard and risk assessments by local jurisdictions.

Certain of the following impacts, particularly those affecting bivalve mariculture operations at Saldanha Bay, could be of high significance; however, with mitigation, the residual intensity of the impacts and the probability of occurrence would be low to negligible. The extent to which the amenities which draw tourists to the Saldanha and West Coast area will be disrupted by an oil spill is uncertain.

The elevated levels may be attributed to product residues but could also be linked to corrosion of cargo tank walls. In Section 3, the empirical results are reported and interpreted.

Insignificant impacts are predicted elsewhere within the bay and Langebaan Lagoon. Page 28 Share Cite Suggested Citation: The water surface and much of the accessible shoreline which could become oiled would be largely free of oil within a relatively short period following cleanup operations, certainly within one year.

The remobilisation of contaminants in the dredged sediments is unlikely to present any significant risk to marine water quality. The convention makes provision for the compensation for damage caused by oil spills. Local jurisdictions should ensure that new development is located, designed, and constructed to withstand natural hazards.

During tanker loading operations, vapour displaced from the vessel cargo tanks is entrained in the vessel's Inert Gas System and is released to the atmosphere via mast risers; such releases do not therefore pose a significant health risk.

Such invasions have occurred elsewhere in the world. For particularly valuable and endangered populations of wildlife and plants, prudent planning might include relocating a portion of the population so that a natural event does not result in the loss of the entire population.

Deterioration of agar quality attributable to ballast water contamination is unlikely given the circulation patterns in Saldanha Bay and the dilution and reduction of contaminant concentrations that will occur. In the event that accelerated beach erosion north of Lynch Point does result from dredging, replenishment of the beach with sand from a suitable source could be considered the beach accretion adjacent to the causeway could provide a nourishment source.

The main risk sources and environmental impacts which could affect the Saldanha Bay environment are described below. Because of the high susceptibility of the local aquifer to contamination and the difficulty of implementing effective remediation measures in the event of pollution, a monitoring programme must be instituted by SFF.

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Modelling the mitigation impact of insurance in Operational Risk management

en The summary includes a general plan of the project and a diagram illustrating its impacts, mitigation measures and residual impacts. mitigation measure.

· Mukilteo Multimodal Project | Final Environmental Impact Statement. Final EIS Chapter 4 | Environmental Impacts and Mitigation June The upland areas of Mukilteo south of the project site and along SR /0/  · Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal, 25(3), Septembermitigation measure often widely referred to as ‘compensation’ activities in the international litera- mitigation (that is, there will be a residual impact), a comparable environment can be improved so that  · Environmental Impact Mitigating measures I.

Benefit enhancing measures (selection and implementation) II. Adverse Impact mitigating measures Characteristics of Impact Mitigation Measures measure into practice. 10 ENVS EIA by Dr. Subodh Sharma 9/16/ 7. Environmental Imppggact Mitigating chapter mitigation  · # a potentially significant impact unless mitigation is incorporated - absent mitigation measures or project revisions, the impact of the proposed project would be considered significant; or # a potentially significant impact - there is substantial evidence that the impact of the proposed  ·  Section 6 Climate change mitigation measures and water Introduction The relationship between climate change mitigation measures and water is a reciprocal

Residual impact mitigation measure in
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