Gis application in nigeria

Environmental impact statements are usually required to contain specific information on the magnitude and characteristics of environmental impact. It allows for mapping, maintenance, understanding patterns, aiding decisions to be made faster and efficiently, see distribution analysis, transformer analysis, pole and pylon distribution, load analysis, etc.

GIS can help assist the Ministry of Power and other stake holders in the power sector to conduct an effective needs assessment. Very good knowledge of Northern Nigeria. To evaluate the irrigation performance, integrated use of satellite remote sensing and GIS assisted by ground information has been found to be efficient technique in spatial and time domain for identification of major crops and their conditions, and determination of their areal extent and yield.

On non-spatial applications GIS techniques could also be on duty to collate data on the continuous functioning and welfare of the workers.

GIS technology as a tool used by geographers, archaeologists, geologists and other scientists in the social and natural sciences provide opportunities for storage, manipulation and mapping of data with a spatial reference [ 14 ].

State Field Coordinators Locations: GIS tries to find best location that respect to natural hazards like earthquake and volcanic eruption. The success of this sector largely depends on the ability of a bank to provide customer and market driven services.

We can create a wetland digital data bank with spices information using GIS. This can bring many advantages for both tourist and tourism department. The 3D visualization in GIS platforms helps planers to create a feeling of experience like virtual walk inside the building and rooms before construction.

Queries can be made on National Parks, Zoos, concerning locations and nearest towns and mode of transport. Although oil production activity in the Delta has carved a remarkable economic landscape for the country with an enormous contribution to foreign exchange earning, however, there is a negative side.

Gis Application in Nigeria.

Method of Application Interested and qualified candidates should submit their CV, application letter and relevant documentation to: By applying known part of science and GIS to solve unknown part, that helps to enhance the quality of life and achieve a better future.

Irrigation requirements of crop were determined by considering the factors such as evapotranspiration, Net Irrigation Requirement, Field irrigation Requirement, Gross Irrigation Requirement, and month total volume of water required, by organizing them in GIS environment.

Pest control helps in the agricultural production. Level IV English fluency in both written and oral is required. The list of queries is endless and unique to every potential tourist. For example, numerous studies in the literature examining environmental risk assessment, rightly point to the need for improved understanding, of monitoring on environmental issues faced by oil and gas producing communities but without geospatial technologies.

This could increase food production in different parts of the world so the world food crisis could be avoided. This could be produced visually in form of special thematic maps. GIS has been found to be a veritable tool for development planning in the Nigerian energy sector. GIS is used to analyze geographic distribution of water resources.

Previous working experience in Northern Nigeria. GIS can be used to modeling and planning of extensions as well as new networks. Use communication and information technology to support health structures. Nomad and other chronically missed communities.

20 GIS Applications to the Nigerian Power and Energy Sector

Using Trimble Software Development Kit, the GPS unit was customized to interface with the Microsoft Access application, allowing for the capture of each polling unit's x,y location and image directly into the Access database.

Section two presents the results and data analysis, while section three discusses the findings and their significance to GIS and remote sensing applications in a coastal zone environment. GIS applications can be viewed and explained from three perspectives:.

GIS IN NIGERIA - posted in Business of Cartography: GIS is taking a new shape in Nigeria, with the so many sectors embracing the advantage of GIS.

The sectors ranges from Oil and gas,banking,telecom and government, this is a bright sign for the future of GIS in Nigeria.

Many thanks should go to the academic institutions and private institutions.


A Perspective View on the Development and Applications of Geographical Information System (GIS) in Nigeria. J.T. Fadahunsi, Department of Surveying and Geoinformatics. GIS Applications and Uses GIS in Mapping Mapping is a central function of Geographic Information System, which provides a visual interpretation of data.

GIS store data in database and then represent it visually in a mapped format. People from different professions use map to communicate. In Nigeria today Land use, Administration, Planning etc are very cumbersome and daunting, but with application of GIS technologies and techniques, it provides easy and quick access to many layers of geographic data (e.

g., land ownership, land use, plot sizes, beacons, administrative boundaries, right of way, contours and engineering infrastructure). Topics: Geographic information system, Geographic information systems, Geography Pages: 6 ( words) Published: August 23, It can be generally said that GIS involves or entails a computerized system that deals with data in terms of collection from many sources, efficient digital storage, managing and administering of data which includes integration of various data sets into a common database.

Volume 20 GIS Application in Real Estate Investment Andrea Podor, University of West Hungary, Faculty of Geoinformatics Judit Nyiri, University of West Hungary, Faculty of Geoinformatics Abstract.

67 Important GIS Applications and Uses

The profession of real estate investment contains the activity of facility management, consultancy, expertise and planning. The professionals of real estate industries are engineers, lawyers.

Gis application in nigeria
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